Waterproofing under-tiling

Product Definition and field of application Consumption Packaging


Bitumen emulsion elastomer for the making of waterproof coating for roofs and foundations and for waterproofing undertiling. High elasticity (600 %)
Colours: Black, Grey, Green, Red and Slate
1 Kg per m² per coat 215 Kg drums
30 Kg casks
5 Kg - 1 Kg cans


Tinted waterproof fluid coating. Ready-to-use. High elasticity (400%). Quick drying. Can be applied inside or outside. Can be used on all substrates (for waterproofing of roofs, waterproofing under-tiling, etc.)
Colours : Tile Red, Grey, Off-white, Pearl Grey, Straw Yellow, White, Pigeon Blue, Wood, Green and Clear
About 0.7 Kg per m² per coat 308 Kg drums
36 Kg - 20 Kg casks
6 Kg - 2.5 Kg - 1 Kg cans


Resin formulated for the making of flexible cement for the waterproofing of roofs, balconies, terraces, water tanks, silos, façades, walls, etc. Waterproofing under tiling, wet room, cellars, tanking. 0.5 Kg for 1 Kg of cement
1.5 Kg per m² per mixing coat
220 Kg drums
25 Kg jerrycans
5 Kg - 2.3 Kg cans