Protection of foundations

Product Definition and field of application Consumption Packaging


Fiber-enriched bitumen emulsion. Used for soundproofing, thermal insulation and direct application for waterproofing. 0.7 to 3 Kg per m² 225 Kg drums
30 Kg - 10 Kg casks


Fiber and latex-enriched bitumen emulsion for application in thickness on supports that could crack, waterproofing, protection, insulation. 0.7 to 3 Kg per m2 225 Kg drums
30 Kg - 10 Kg casks


Semi-fluid bitumen emulsion, ready-to-use, for the protection of foundations and cold impregnation before the applying of rolls of waterproofing material. On average 0.2 to 0.3 Kg per m² 220 L drums
30 L casks
10 L cans


Multi-purpose bitumen emulsion used for waterproofing, bonding of insulating panels, insulation, protection of foundations and preparation of special paving.
Colours: Black, Grey, Green, Red, Slate
Waterproofing: 3.1 Kg per m²
Protection: 0.5 to 1.2 Kg per m²
Bonding: 0.6 to 1 Kg per m²
Vapour barrier: 2 to 3 Kg per m²
Pavement: 4.5 Kg per m²
215 Kg drums
30 Kg - 17 Kg casks
10 Kg - 5 Kg cans