Product Definition and field of application Consumption Packaging


Primer to be used prior to EPOXY MORTAR and in specific cases prior to EVERFAST MORTAR FB. 0.3 to 0.5 Kg m² according to the porosity of the substrate 5 Kg - 0.5 Kg Kits (powder + resin)


Bicomponent solvent-free epoxy mortar, with compensation for shrinkage and perfectly waterproof. Adheres to concrete and steel while protecting them from corrosion and other damages. Used for repairs, wedging, reshaping and embedding. 2 Kg per L according to the use 20 Kg - 5 Kg Kits (powder + resin)


Anti-rust treatment. Inhibits corrosion and has an immediate action. Can be applied inside or outside. Substrates can be painted when dry.
Colour : Black
15 to 20 m² per L 220 L drums
30 L jerrycans
5 L - 2 L - 1 L
0.5 L - 0.25 L cans