Waterproofing of foundations

Product Definition and field of application Consumption Packaging


Protective asphalt lacquer, ready-to-use, for the waterproofing of concrete, the protection of underground materials, wood and of metals from corrosion. Cold waterproofing lacquer for asphalt complexes and particularly for rolls of waterproofing material. 0.3 to 0.4 L per m² on average according to the porosity of the substrate 220 L drums
30 L casks
10 L - 5 L cans


Hydraulic-binder based coating, used for waterproofing external surface of
foundations and walls, long-lasting resistance against runoff water and pressure.
Colours: Grey, White
1.5 Kg per m² per coat according to type of substrate 25 Kg bags
25 Kg - 12.5 Kg pails


Hydraulic binder-based coating, used for water proofing on inside and outside surfaces (pressure, back pressure) : swimming pools, water tanks, foundations, cellars, etc.
Colours: Grey, White
1.5 Kg per m² and per coat according to the aspect of the substrate 25 Kg bags
25 Kg pails
12.5 Kg cans


Waterproof bicomponent plastic system. Achieves an impermeable coating with perfect adherence even on moist substrates such as fresh mortar or concrete. 1.5 Kg per m² per coat depending on the nature of the substrate 27 Kg - 13.5 Kg Kits (powder + resin)



EVERFAST TECASIT imperméabilise, protège, conserve bétons et mortiers.
EVERFAST TECASIT par son pouvoir plastifiant et réducteur d'eau, permet une parfaite homogénéité et une hydrofugation très efficace des bétons et mortiers dans la masse.
EVERFAST TECASIT est une poudre concentrée à effet plastifiant, augmente la résistance des bétons et mortiers.
EVERFAST TECASIT s’homogénéise parfaitement aux agrégats et au ciment avant incorporation de l’eau de gâchage.
EVERFAST TECASIT est utilisé pour l’étanchéité et la protection des bétons, des fondations, des cuvelages, des réservoirs, des radiers, des enduits et chapes...