Mastics, colles et résines de scellement

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Bicomponent quick-setting epoxy sealant. Used for filling, sealing, trimming & bonding. Adheres to numerous substrates.
Colour: Grey
1.5 Kg per m² for 1 mm of thickness of glue 5 Kg - 1 Kg Kits (resin + hardener)


Adhesive, epoxy-resin-based sealant, with ver y high resistance. Used for the
anchoring of frameworks in concrete of minimal resistance C20 per 25, in vertical or horizontal position. Can be applied onto wet or dry concrete, in sea or pool environment. Once dry, the resin is non toxic for the environment and without contamination risk for drinking water.
1 cartridge for a 0.4 L volume to be filled Boxes of 12 400cc cartridges


Urethane acrylate sealing resin without styrene for fixing on solid and hollow
materials. Rapid system and easy to extrude. Environmentally-friendly, does not require any risk phase or safety symbol.
1.5 Kg per m² for 1 mm of thickness of glue 300 cc cartridges


Polyester-resin-based highly resistant sealing glue, for hollow or solid bodies. Perfect for sealing shutters, blinds, gates, satellite dishes, etc. into substrates such as concrete, cellular concrete, stone, brick, concrete blocks. 1 cartridge for a 0.38 litre volume to be filled Boxes of 12 380cc cartridges