Protection of Stone and Marble

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Prepolymer isocyanate-based varnisher, used for concrete, cement and wood floors. Improves hardness and resistance to abrasion and chemical agressions. Aspect: Clear, Shinny, Glossy On average 0.1 Kg per m² per coat depending on the nature and the porosity
of the substrate
200 Kg drums
25 Kg casks
5 Kg - 2 Kg -
1 Kg - 0.5 Kg cans


Protecting varnish. Single-component, polyurethane, anti-dust, anti-stem, with high resistance against abrasion. Increases by almost ten times the hardness of the concrete surface. Improves mechanical characteristics of the subjectiles to which it is applied as it makes them harder and waterproof. Can be used on wood (specially good for varnishing), concrete, cement, fibercontaining cement and mineral substrates (including marble), etc. Protects substrates from diverse physical and chemical aggressions such as: mechanical constraints (fork lifts, etc.), chemical products (acids, bases), hydrocarbons, oils, salt, sea spray, water, etc. Can also be used on EVERFAST HARDFLOOR PREMIX and EVERFAST MORTAR FL. 0.25 L per m² per pure coating according to the porosity of the substrate 220 Kg drums
25 Kg casks
5 Kg - 2 Kg
1 Kg - 0.5 Kg cans