Screeds Hardening

Screeds Hardening

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Ready-to-use liquid surface hardener. Reduces dust. Single-component made up of an emulsion of resin and active minerals. To be applied by spraying, brush or roller onto surface. It hardened by reaction after drying and the cement brings about a large reduction in dust, porosity and capillarity of the substrate. It increases chemical resistance against oils, organic acids and diluted bases. Used for superficial reinforcement of screeds and concrete slabs and the protection of facings and limestone. 0.15 to 0.3 L per m²
1 L for 3 to 7 m²
220 L drums
30 L casks
5 L cans


Coloured hardened aggregates for concrete paving. Recommended for high traffic areas. Resistant to hydrocarbon, oils, water. Anti-skid, antidust, anti-wear and tear.
Colours: Grey, Red, Green
4 to 5 Kg per m² 50 Kg bags


Coloured hardening quartz aggregates for screeds. Can resist strong and heavy traffic (strength: 7 on MOHS scale). Ready-to-use. Can be applied inside or outside.
Colours: Grey, Green, Red and Yellow
4.5 to 6 Kg per m² 30 Kg bags